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PB AP Mainsail 7oz Yarn Tempered Dacron. The sail features a large upper roach which is extended above the 3/4 measurement point. This makes for more power and better point. This sail has been proven in all wind conditions.

PB MH Mainsail
using a heavier 8oz Cloth for windier areas. This sail is a bit more draft forward with a straight exit and excels in winds over 10 knots but can still win on the light days.

Stratis custom laminate using a blend of Carbon and Technora for maximum shape holding. Custom fiber layout is the best use of the materials for the best sail we can make. A very durable and long lasting  sail. Now with the ability to use Carbon we also offer the same great sails using a Carbon radial construction. Perfect for dual use and high temperature areas. Our longest lasting laminate. 

PB #1 Carbon/Technora Stratis Jib this jib is a killer sail in anything under 20 knots. The twist is perfect. The sail also features several advancements which separate the PB sails from the other brands. The sail has an aggressive foot round to put the foot on the deck. We also have a special frac friendlier clew patch. So you can frac without damage to your jib on those light and lumpy days.
also available Carbon TRT Radial

PB #3 Carbon/Technora Stratis Jib is the classic blade designed for 14 knots plus. It has a flatter, draft forward shape with less foot round using a strong taffeta covering to hold up under the toughest conditions.
also available Carbon TRT Radial

PB IRC-PHRF Carbon/Technora Stratis Jib this has been an awesome performer in handicap sailing. We add area to the girth of the sail and bring the roach right back to the spreaders. For  non-class sailing this sail points higher than the class jib and will also inhaul well.
also available Carbon TRT Radial

Jib Battens
our jibs can come with our custom roller battens. These were design specifically for the J-105 jib. They really make the sail so much nicer. But, they don't last long. We ship a spare set with every sail. They will crack over time. The also don't like to be left rolled up for more than the weekend. We still prefer these over the vertical battens and deal with the extra care they require. For those that need to leave the jib on the furler, or don't want any extra hassle, we offer all our jibs with vertical battens.
Extra RF Battens: sold as a double set $125

PB Spinnaker this is becoming a classic. We have not been able to out do this sail and neither has anyone else. It gets the job done in any wind strength. With the heavy class cloth weight and virtually exclusive windward leeward racing we have found no gain from having a different shape for the number two spinnaker. We suggest caring a new one and a backup and saving your tags for the extra jib.
The spinnaker has specially designed soft patches which have saved weight and make launching easier.

IRC-PHRF 72sm Reacher
This is a killer distance sail.
CX Laminate or Superkote 130  

All sails include sail numbers, telltales, draft stripes and sail bag. Class Royalty is additional
50% Deposit, balance prior to shipping. Shipping charges and sales taxes may be applicable.